Language Technology Research Laboratory (LTRL) was established in 2004 to address the growing need of local language computing in Sri Lanka by doing Localization and Language Processing research and development. LTRL maintains strong relationships with all related parties, collaborating with the researchers, practitioners, linguists and policy makers in the island. The research group has a diverse range of activities: Research & Development, Consultancy, Training and Services. LTRL conducts research in the field of computational linguistics: phonetics/phonology, morphology, and syntax of local languages. These researches are mainly focused on mathematical and statistical modeling of local languages, namely Sinhala and Tamil. These research programs are strengthened by the supervision and consultation of a panel of senior scholars from various linguistic traditions.

LTRL Provide consultancy to government, non-government and private sector organizations on localization and language technology related matters and provides its recommendations on various standardization and localization issues to Sri Lanka Standard Institute (SLSI) and the Information & Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) – Sri Lanka. Similar services are provided for other international software organization such as Microsoft Corporation, ORACLE Corporation and Google through their respective localization authorities.

LTRL conducts awareness programs on Unicode based technologies such as fonts, application packages, website development, database conversion and software development. Coordinate academic courses and projects both at undergraduate level on Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics. LTRL has regularly been conducting workshops at regional and national conferences on localization and language processing.